Feeling Pillows Guide for Mental Health Professionals

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Kimochis feeling pillows offer a hands-on, playful and interactive way to help children explore feelings.


The Kimochis®Feeling Pillows Guide: Activities for Mental Health Professionals elevates the feeling pillows to a therapeutic intervention that provides novel ways to help children ages 5-12* process and regulate BIG emotions.


Created through the collaboration of a clinical psychologist, educational director and Kimochis co-founder, and tested by child therapists around the country, the 49 activities provided in this guidebook will lead children to:


  • Actively communicate feelings with more showing and less talking
  • Build the mind-body connection which underlies the belief that ‘feelings fuel behavior’
  • Confront hard to have feelings by being physically able to hold, move, sort, hide and throw them around
  • Nurture compassion for self and others

*Everyone has feelings and these activities are easily adapted for children of all ages, working one-on-one and in groups. Adults too can benefit from having feelings they can see and touch