[PLUSH] Bug 13 inch Character

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BUG is a caterpillar that is afraid of change. He is really smart, a skilled conversationalist and is known to talk himself and the others out of any given situation, because he likes to examine all sides. This can sometimes confuse the Kimochis and make them forget what they were trying to accomplish. Bug lives in a Manzanita tree. Bug has a swimming hole with a tethered rope swing in the center of his living room. When the weather gets hot the Kimochis can always be found splashing around Bug’s place! Bug’s lucky number is 2.

Bug helps kids learn how to:

  • Take positive social and academic risks
  • Use positive self-talk
  • Be brave and overcome fears

1. 13” plush character
2. The 3 feelings (Happy, Brave, and Left Out) can be stored in Bug’s front pouch.
3. Bug’s wings can be tucked away when he’s feeling afraid or can come out when he’s feeling brave!
4. The included 48 page Feel Guide comes with fun and easy activities.

For ages 3 and up